Within the Accounting Department we are providing our clients with comprehensive services of the highest standard and quality, also in German and English.

In terms of accounting services on our offer, we go beyond the standard scope of book-keeping services, i.e. keeping document records, by offering in addition to this:

  • unit’s accounting policy development, streamlining, and adjustment of the existing accounting policy to the unit’s needs,
  • assistance in developing rules of document circulation in the unit,
  • drawing up financial statements in compliance with the Accounting Act and International Financial Reporting Standards,
  • drawing up a dedicated financial information for management purposes,
  • converting financial data prepared in compliance with the Accounting Act into financial data compliant with German accounting principles or International Financial Reporting Standards,
  • advising on accounting and finance, drawing up various analyses and reports, documents required by the banks and other financial institutions,
  • supervision over taking inventory of assets, assistance and training on how
    to perform inventory checks,
  • supervising the client’s staff members responsible for keeping books,
  • keeping a revenue and expense ledger and other records required by tax regulations.

Accounting services include also a comprehensive HR and payroll management.