Relying on our long-term experience and trying to meet the expectations of our clients, we specialize, first and foremost, in the following areas:

  • client representation before tax and fiscal inspectors, before administrative courts and before enforcement officers – professional support in this type of procedures allows clients to reduce the risks related to possible negative verification of their tax accounts,
  • transfer prices – we specialize in drafting transfer price documentation on behalf of our clients, bearing in mind that such documentation must be correct in terms of income tax regulations on the one hand, and that it should be an efficient tax planning tool on the other,
  • tax optimization – we also provide our clients with a portfolio of products that may raise tax efficiency and/or minimize operating costs, also in such niche areas as real estate tax, or tax on civil law transactions,
  • international tax law – we handle international transactions, where correct tax accounting is of key importance. To provide our customers with a top level of security we cooperate with international tax advisers.